BRG experts predict what to expect after Joe Biden takes office on January 20

After a year—and a US presidential election—like no other, we asked experts from across BRG a simple question heading into 2021:

What is your top prediction for the incoming Biden administration?

The answers covered a range of issues, but there were common themes, notably COVID-19, a divided Washington and a pivot back to Obama-era thinking after four years of Donald Trump.

With Joe Biden’s inauguration just weeks away, here is our collection of predictions. Topics and contributors include:

  • What to Expect in a Divided Washington: John Kelliher
  • Markets Stable on Biden Win, But Watch for Sky-High Prices, Inflation: Bradford Cornell
  • Needed: A Three-Pronged Approach to Revive US International Competitiveness: Harry G. Broadman
  • COVID-19 Shapes Healthcare Focus: Ruth Tabak
  • Dramatic Changes for Labor and Employment Laws: Elizabeth Arnold
  • Continued Support for Telehealth: JoAnna Younts
  • Financial Recovery Focus, Increased Regulatory Pressure on Banks Likely: Joseph Sergienko
  • Gas Resilient During Pandemic, But Decarbonization to Challenge Long-Term Viability of Gas and LNG Industry: Christopher Goncalves